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Here you can find full IELTS Speaking sample for Weather topic.

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This is a full IELTS speaking test that contains parts 1-3 with appropriate questions. It is very useful to learn speaking vocabulary not as individual words, but as they come in natural speech. To help you in exam preparation, we gathered a variety of IELTS Speaking questions + answers + advanced vocabulary for weather topic.

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Part 1

What's the weather in your country?

The weather in my country is pretty nice. We have a mild climateA climate without extreme weather conditions., so it's never boiling hotAn expression to describe a very hot weather. in the summer or freezing coldVery cold. in the winter.

Does the weather affect your mood?

Yes... Cold, gloomy daysDays with dark clouds and dull light. put me in a bad mood. I love summertime, when it's warm and sunny.

Do you like rainy days?

Yes, absolutely! I like when it rains... I love all the freshness around, the cool breezeA nice gentle wind. after a heavy rainRain with a lot of water.. It's wonderful!

What is your favourite season?

Well, I think it's spring... The weather is very pleasant and it's nice to see everything come back to life and blossom.

Do you like winters?

No, not really... For me winter is the most depressing season, because where I live it's freezing coldVery cold. in the winter. Moreover, the days are short and you can't do a lot of outdoor activities.

Part 2

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe your favourite weather. You should say:

  • What the weather is like
  • Why do you like it
  • Where you can exprerience such weather conditions.

It may sound strange, but my favourite weather is when it is cloudy, windy and drizzlingWhen a light rain falls in very small drops. as it makes me feel calm and relaxed... I like such weather especially at night because I can hear the little raindrops falling and see the dew on the window, and it helps me to sleep... It is very pleasant... Also, I love foggy weatherWeather with fog.... It's very romantic and gives me a sort of feeling like I'm in an old black and white movie. However, I don't like heavy rainsRain with a lot of water. and downpoursVery heavy rains.. And I hate when temperature goes below zeroTo become negative., it's too cold for me. Probably, the type of weather I like is common for the United Kingdom... But in my hometown such type of weather is very rare. Usually, we have dryWith no rain. and sunny days with occasional spells of rainy weatherPeriods of rainy weather..

Part 3

Does air pollution affect the weather?

Yes, it does... It affects the overall temperature of the world, making the weather warmer. Also, it often causes smogA cloud of pollution. and gloomy weatherWeather with dark clouds and dull light..

Do you think that weather affects people's behaviour?

Yes, I think that people respond to bad weather... In my opinion, during cold and dull days people are more depressed and irritated than usual... While bright sunshineThe heat and light of the sun. and warmth makes us feel good.

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