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On this page you can find full IELTS Speaking sample with questions related to Sport topic.

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A lot of students are perplexed when they get questions on Sport Topic in IELTS Speaking test. That's why it is very beneficial to read this IELTS Speaking sample with sport-related questions. This way you will learn advanced vocabulary as it comes in real speech and get familiar with IELTS Speaking sport topic.

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Part 1

What kind of sport do you prefer?

I don't prefer a specific kind of sport, but I really like working out in the gymTo exercise in gym.… That helps me to keep my body in a good shapeTo keep body fit.… A few years ago I had a sports coachA person that helps you to train on a one-to-one basis., but now I developed my own fitness programA timetable of activities to keep you in a good shape. and train alone…

Do you do any kind of sports during weekends?

Yes, sure! I have a lot of spare time during weekends and I do javelinA sport where a metal or metal-tipped spear is thrown for distance. on Saturdays… In summertime I also go cycling with my friends... Generally, I don’t like staying at home all day... I prefer active restA leisure time during which you exercise.

Tell me about your hobbies. Is there anything you like to do in your leisure time?

I used to play tennis as a hobby… But a few months ago my family moved to a new place, and there were no tennis courtsA place where you play tennis. nearby... That's why I took upTo start doing something new (usually sport). wrestling... But I still play tennis every once in a whileOccasionally..

Part 2

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe a place that you visit to keep fit. You should say:

  • What is it
  • When do you go there
  • What do you do there

and say why do you like it

I would like to talk about my local gym that I visit three times a week... It’s a new sports centreA specific building where people can do different sports. with the latest fitness equipmentNewest tools for a workout. … It has everything you would ever need to keep fitTo stay in a good shape.: treadmills, various dumbbellsA weight-lifting gear. and exercisers for different muscle groups. Moreover, it offers a wide range of different classes for every tasteFor everybody.... I developed my own strength-building strategySet of exercises to build muscles., so usually I start with a short warm-upA few light exercises to prepare for a hard workout. when I jog on the treadmillAn exercise machine in the gym used for walking or running, while staying in the same place. for a few minutes to sweat... Then, I go to the weights sections and start doing lifting exercises... Finally, I end my workout with stretchingSpecial exercises to stretch and relax your muscles.... I try not to miss my trainings, because they help me to relax and forget about the daily routine.

Part 3

Should people go in for sports more?

Yes, definitely… Sport should be an essential partA very important part. of everyone’s life. Not only is it good for your health, but it also helps you to be in a good mood… So people should certainly train more.

Which sport is the best for people, who aren’t used to work-out?

In my point of view, everybody should start with light trainings, maybe joggingA form of running at a slow pace. or brisk walkA sport in which people walk fast, but not as fast as a full run. every day... It is better to avoid strenuous exercisesExercise that needs a lot of physical effort. for the first couple of months, so powerlifting is definitely out of the question

Why some people enjoy sports more than others?

It is a tough questionI would say, the main reason is it's hard to find your perfect kind of sportKind of sport that is ideal for you.… if you don’t like football or basketball it doesn't mean you won't enjoy cricket, for example… It's important not to fear trial-and-error methodA method of reaching a solution by trying various means until you succeed. and you’ll inevitably find your ideal sport.

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