About the project

This site is an educational project, launched by two non-native English speaking friends, who took IELTS many times, developing their test techniques and improving their scores, and decided to share their experience with other people. Achieve 9.0 in Reading and 8.5 in Writing is possible, and we did it! We aim at ...

Providing excellent education through high-quality recourses and technology!

Once the goal was set, we came in contact with former IELTS examiners and IELTS tutors. They helped us to gather materials and gave a lot of useful tips, advice and exercises. We keep in touch with different test-takers and teachers to constantly update our site and find new materials! Thus, in our site we combined...

Advice from IELTS examiners


Experience from IELTS test-takers

Into a powerful mix of online IELTS preparation resources!

If you want to share your experience with us, you're welcome!