IELTS Reading Lessons and Exercises

Here you can find useful IELTS Reading lessons and corresponding IELTS Reading exercises.

There are a lot of question types on IELTS Reading: multiple choice, true/false/not given, sentence completion etc. To improve your reading skills effectively, you can practise each type of reading questions separately. This way you will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses. Our explanations and advice will help you to find strategy of choosing the correct answer for each question type.

IELTS Reading lessons:


Learn how to answer true/false/not given questions by example, with answering strategy and tips.

Lesson 2 : multiple choice

Multiple choice or "A, B, C, or D" questions are very common in IELTS reading. This lesson teaches you how to effectively answer this type of questions.

Lesson 3 : sentence completion

Learn how to answer sentence completion questions on IELTS. Look at the tips and strategy, and see an example with detailed explanations.

Lesson 4 : matching paragraphs

Learn how to answer matching paragraphs questions on IELTS Reading. Learn the useful tips and strategy, and see an example with detailed explanation.

Lesson 5 : short-answer questions

Develop reading strategies for short-answer questions on IELTS Reading. See an example how to tackle such questions.

Lesson 6 : skimming and scanning

Skimming and scanning are effective techniques for speed-reading. Learn how to read more in less time by completing this lesson.

Lesson 7 : classification

Do you know how to answer classification questions on IELTS Reading? In this lesson we show some important tips and answering strategies.

Lesson 8 : diagram completion

Learn more about diagram completion questions in IELTS Reading test. Learn answering strategy and see a detailed example.

IELTS Reading exercises:

True/false/not given:

Exercise 1
"The largest thing in the universe"

Exercise 2
"The hottest month"

Exercise 3
"Canadian English"

Multiple choice:

Exercise 1
"Is violence innate?"

Exercise 2
"The worst month for air disasters"

Exercise 3
"Why coffee escapes the lid"

Sentence completion:

Exercise 1
"3D heart"

Exercise 2

Exercise 3
"A giant panda has given birth"

Exercise 4
"Return to the Trail of Tears"

Matching paragraphs:

Exercise 1
"London's design festival"

Exercise 2
"Rats invasion"

Exercise 3
"Coins and elections"

Short-answer questions:

Exercise 1
"Peanut allergy"

Exercise 2
"Museum of Lost Objects"

Classification questions:

Exercise 1
"Unemployment rate"

Exercise 2
"New geological pattern"

Diagram completion questions:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3
"Electricty generation"

Skimming & scanning practice:

Exercise 1
"History of leaks"

Exercise 2
"I'm allergic to my husband!"

So, you've practised various types of IELTS Reading questions. Now it's time to: