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On this page you can find full IELTS Speaking sample with questions related to Holidays topic.

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This IELTS Speaking sample has 3 parts with questions related to Holidays topic. Remember that on the real test you will get a mix of questions from different topics, but for educational reasons we used thematic questions about holidays in this IELTS Speaking sample. It is very beneficial to read IELTS Speaking samples with answers and rememeber IELTS Speaking vocabulary by topics.

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Part 1

Do you like travelling?

Yes, definitely! I think seeing the world, from great historical monuments to white sandy beaches, is what life is all aboutSomething that brings sence to life.. It's a very interesting way to learn about new cultures and explore new places.

What is your favourite type of holiday?

I really like going to the countryside, getting away from it allEscaping in order to rest from a daily routine.. Nothing relaxes me as much as wilderness... I am tired of tourist trapsPlaces with many tourists. and usually go off the beaten trackTo visit a place where a few people go....

What do you do on holidays?

I prefer visiting various museums and places of interestMemorable and honorable places.. For instance, on my last vacation I was to Rome and I visited 12 museums. It was fantastic! Of course, sometimes I go shopping with my friends or relatives too... But I don't find it near as exciting...

Are there many tourists visiting your country?

Probably yes... My country has different tourist attractionsPlaces which tourists tend to visit. in many cities, especially the capital... For example, my country has old-time religious traditions... That's why we have a lot of ancient cathedrals and churches that are interesting for both tourists and local citizens...

Part 2

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe a tourist attraction you once visited. You should say:

  • When you visited it
  • Where is it situated
  • Who you went with

and say what about it you like the most

A couple of years ago I went on a holiday to Paris with my parents… it is a very popular tourist destinationTourist attraction., since it has various places of interestMemorable and honorable places., such as ancient museums and monuments… That's why there are always hordes of touristsCrowds of tourists.... So we decided to go out of seasonTo go not within the main holiday period. in the autumn… Fortunately, the weather was great, and we did not waste any days watching TV at the hotel... it was a memorable holiday … we enjoyed breathtaking viewsAmazing views. from the top of the Eiffel tower and dined in cozy little restaurants. I would certainly recommend visiting Paris, it is a picturesqueBeautiful. city.

Part 3

Why do you think tourism is so developed now?

Well, because it is a lot easier to travel nowadays… you can choose charter flightsCheap regular flights. and find various youth hostelsA cheap hotel. all around the world, so you don’t need to spend much money on the travelling. Moreover, you can book a tripArrange a trip. via the Internet, so you don't even have to leave home.

How people choose their destination?

There are a lot of ways. For instance, you can surf the internet for all the necessary information… Or you can visit different travel agenciesAn organisation that specializes in booking holidays. for more advice.

What kind of transport do you prefer on holidays? Why?

It depends… I usually reach my holiday destinationA place where you go for a holiday. by plane because it is the fastest and the least dangerous way to travel. However, flying can be a bit uncomfortable... So I also travel by train from time to time… But I never drive car on a vacation, because I do it every day when I work... I would have a busman's holidayWhen you spend your free time similarly to the time when you work. This expression comes from the idea that a bus driver would spend his holiday traveling somewhere on a bus. otherwise.

Do you prefer travelling alone or in tour groups? Why?

I definitely prefer travelling alone because I like to plan the trip by myself... When choosing a guided tourA tour in which a group of people is guided by an expert., you should always conform to a set schedule… So if you are in India and, say, you want to spend an extra hour at Taj Mahal, you simply cannot do that with a group tour... I like independent travel. That way I get to see and do exactly what I want and spend as much time as I want at various stops.

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