IELTS Writing exercise #7. Level: band 7-8

Correct the mistakes:

  1. My teacher is a 39-years old man.

    My teacher is a man.

  2. One of my roommate is from Brazil.

    One of my is from Brazil.

  3. The news on TV are always sad.

    The news on TV always sad.

  4. Let's have a dinner together sometime.

    Let's together sometime.

  5. I suggested to buy a new car.

    I suggested a new car.

  6. I can't find nothing in my neighborhood.

    I can't find in my neighborhood.

  7. If I would be taller, I'd play basketball.

    If I taller, I'd play basketball.

  8. That's not that bad idea.

    That's not that bad idea.

  9. If I will be late, I'll call you.

    If I late, I'll call you.

  10. Did you ever read the book "Martin Eden?"

    read the book "Martin Eden?"