Exercise 1: purpose and structure of IELTS Speaking test

This short test will help you remember the purpose of IELTS Speaking test, the procedure on the day and the structure of the test. Choose the correct answer for each question below.

1. How many parts are there IELTS Speaking test?

  1. 2 parts
  2. 3 parts
  3. 5 parts

2. What is the purpose of the Speaking test?

  1. To determine your level of English communication
  2. To give you a chance to speak on a topic you have prepared
  3. To please the examiner

3. Who is responsible for time management?

  1. The test-taker
  2. The examiner
  3. Both

4. Should you memorise the whole answers?

  1. Yes, I should memorise as much sample answers as I can! This way I will feel confident
  2. Yes, but I should memorise only answers for the questions which I find difficult
  3. No, my style of speaking should be maximally natural

5. Should you learn some phrases and topic vocabulary?

  1. Yes, I should learn topic vocabulary to speak more fluently and coherently
  2. No, my answers should be maximally raggy and spontaneous
  3. No, it's better to memorise whole answers than separate phrases

6. In which part of the test do you speak on your own?

  1. In part 1
  2. In part 2
  3. In part 3