IELTS Listening Exercise: Multiple choice.

Exercise 2

Here you will find IELTS Listening exercise for multiple choice questions. By completing this exercise you will improve your IELTS Listening skills and develop specific techniques for answering multiple choice questions.

Multiple choice questions usually contain 3 answers and only one of them is correct. Your task is to choose the correct answer. Multiple choice questions are common for parts 2, 3 and 4 of IELTS Listening test.

To succeed in IELTS Listening multiple choice questions you should:

Now listen to the recording and choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.


  1. The narrator choose which of the following books, as his favourite?
    1. Treasure Island
    2. Kidnapped
    3. A Child's Garden of Verses

  2. Louise joined the narrator primarily because
    1. she was lucky to be selected randomly from a group of readers to join
    2. she is a writer and likes Robert Louis Stevenson
    3. she will help to take people through the story of "Kidnapped"

  3. Louise envies people who have not yet read "Kidnapped" because
    1. they still have this great novel awaiting for them
    2. it is the best work of Stevenson
    3. it appeals to all kinds of people

  4. Alan Breck and David Balfour are considered to be opposite, because
    1. one is young and the other is old
    2. one is catholic and the other is protestant
    3. Both A and B

  5. It is common for Stevenson to
    1. fill his works with tension
    2. make a protagonist and a villian form a friendship in his works
    3. tell a story of a natinal/historical conflict in his works

  6. What part of Scottish landscape plays major role in the book?
    1. Fields
    2. Mountains
    3. Water

  7. Which of the following about Robert Louis Stevenson isn't true?
    1. He died on a ship
    2. He was in his forties when he died
    3. He was an engineering apprentice