IELTS Listening Sample 9. Section 4

This is the last section of IELTS Listening practice test #9. Listen to the audio and answer the questions. After you finish, click 'check' and 'get result!' to see your score for the whole test.



Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.



The important factor to consider
  • The 31. customers must travel affects the probability that they will buy the product.

Methods of communication

  • Advertising slogans are easier to remember if there is a 32. played with them.
  • Mandy's Candy Store appeals to people's sense of 33. to draw in customers.
  • To an ad campaign for digital products, it is 34. that is extremely important.

Effect on your product sales

  • The customer's 35. after he or she experiences the ad is most important.

Marketing strategies

  • On international flights, it is wise for the advertisement to be displayed in the common 36. of most passengers.
  • Very few young people buy 37. .
  • The UNESCO website would be a good place to advertise for companies aiming to improve the 38. .
  • One good location to place ads for sunscreen is the 39. .
  • A good scene for a water purification commercial would be 40. .