IELTS Listening Sample 14. Section 4

This is the last section of IELTS Listening practice test #14. Listen to the audio and answer the questions. After you finish, click 'check' and 'get result!' to see your score for the whole test.




Questions 31 and 32

Choose TWO letters, A-E

Which TWO aspects did the new rules at the end of the 19th century focus on?

A cooperation

В competition

С moral values

D player's physical protection

E business model

Questions 33-40

Complete the sentences below.

Write ONLY ONE WORD for each answer.


Football in the UK

  • At present the main reason why UK schools push football education is the preassure from 33. .
  • Prior to the 19th, football players used different 34. of rules.
  • People attempted to standardise the rules from the whole 35. , known as the 'Cambridge Rules' in 1848.
  • Attendences were increasing due to the improvement of infrastructure and the 36. system.
  • Football became popular and it is regarded as a 37. event.

  • The football clubs were responsible for most of the 38. and development for the footbal association.
  • 39. against other teams were also organised by the football clubs.
  • In 1910s, 40. football players were approved of in the game.