IELTS Listening Sample 10. Section 2

This is the second section of IELTS Listening test #10. Listen to the audio and complete all the questions. After you finish, press 'check' and move on to the next section.


Questions 1120

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or С.

11. The lecture was organised by

  1. City of Nottingham.
  2. University of Nottingham Students' Union.
  3. Nottingham Police Department.


12. The majority of crime on campus is

  1. drugs and alcohol.
  2. violence.
  3. theft.


13. The campus crime rate has ____________ so far this year.

  1. increased.
  2. decreased.
  3. stayed the same.


14. Why is there added concern about crime?

  1. Exaggeration in media.
  2. Crime TV shows.
  3. Factual news articles.


15. Carlos says if you are the victim of crime, you should

  1. run away.
  2. resist.
  3. seek help.


16. What is the primary method for increasing safety?

  1. Informing students and staff of safety precautions.
  2. Offering free self-defense courses to students.
  3. Reminding students to carry a mobile phone at all times.


17. If a student must work late, it is most important to

  1. not return home until the morning.
  2. go back with a friend.
  3. bring a mobile phone.


18. It is dangerous to

  1. drive home late at night.
  2. carry a knife.
  3. carry pepper spray.


19. Students who complete self-defense course are

  1. more aware of dangers.
  2. mentally tougher.
  3. walking more confidently.


20. A university is

  1. not surrounded by walls.
  2. patrolled by military.
  3. completely safe.